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Monday, August 27, 2007

Pasadena city hall, sitting on a stone bench across from this majestic structure. Yellow ochre and cadmium lemon first coat for luminosity.

I'm having an affair with watercolors lately. Her beauty and mystery have captured the hearts of many masters of the past.

I am going to dedicate at least a few years to know her and I believe that we will get along pretty soon. She is not to be completely possessed like an animal, yet it is also unwise to let her roam unbridled. The best thing one can do is to know her well enough to play an exhilarating game.



Mac McCool said...

Beautiful work, Felix! The mood and tones are nice.

james ramos said...

I absolutely
love IT!

The Orchard Christian Church said...

Kumi and I are inspired by your watercolors, and this one causes you to "lift up your eyes". Kumi used to paint and draw, and it seems like God may be nudging her to start again.

She was saying that compared to oils, watercolors are a woman indeed- more changable, delicate, maybe harder to work with, but exciting and beautiful when handled properly.

Lately, we've also been inspired artistically by:
1) The Norman Rockwell Museum in Vermont (including the painting "Lift up your eyes"- do you know it?)
2) God's artistry in changing the colors of the leaves in Vermont.
3) A church in Albany NY that had new paintings by local artists hanging in the hallway outside the sanctuary, which were inspiring but not necessarily "religious" in nature. We never want to turn God's house into a market, but our vision for The Orchard includes a place for artists.
Matthew & Kumi Perri