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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Work in progress painting. About a dwarf, I named him Milgo. He is a scout, an explorer, a connoiseur of.... something. He is looking for something. Faeries maybe? Exotic herbs? Would love to hear any rumors about him.


katzenjammer studios said...

wow. nice felix. coming along nicely. feeling really fleshy.
maybe he's looking for tree paintings of his ancestors and sketching from them, heheh.

Rae said...

Most interesting fellow, I heard he was looking for the strange little bwbachods he heard about. You know how those dwarfs are, always looking to increase their loot!

I read the tinder box and I'm gunna have to re-think the poses (because what I was thinking of wasn't old and ugly...) I'll probably take some that aren't the exact discription ALONG with the old and ugly :D

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